The item you are selling or manufacturing in the UK might be very interesting and appealing for Japanese people, but How? They can find your item. We provide a place to show off your item to Japan. Currently our website has 2000 unique visitors every month, visitors who are looking for the items from UK. We can put your items on our Eikuru shop with the fee below, once we received the order, we will inform you to send the item. We deal with orders directly to the Japanese customer.

Website Introduction + Transaction Website


3 items

5 items

10 items

20 items

1 month £100 / (£33.3) £120/ (£24) £150/ (£15) £200/ (£10)
3 months £300 £350 £430 £550/ (£9.1)
6 months £600 £690 £850 £1000/ (£8.3)
12 months £1200 £1300 £1600 £1800/ (£7.5)

Service includes...

Amazon Japan Pack

Registration Fee

£10 per item for the first time

Transaction Fee

5% of the sales (Monthly)


In case one of our clients or visitors of the website would like to be your wholesaler, we will deal with them on behalf of you without any extra cost. We will also translate all necessary documents with the fee on translation page.


Same as wholesaler, we can find your distributor in Japan, we will connect you and your future business parter.

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